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How to choose your path lighting

Byron Bay Beach House Path - Bondi Lights Path Lighting

As we say goodbye to winter and greet spring with open arms, we are starting to plan for longer evenings and garden parties. That’s why path lighting should be our number one priority. Without it, spotty pathways at night make getting around the garden and even to the front door a challenge.

Spring is the season to enhance safety, convenience and curb appeal with effective path and walkway illumination as we prepare for summer and those fun evenings outdoors with family and friends.

While you might decide that, yes, path lighting is a crucial element in your outdoor garden lighting design, you might have no idea of what sort of lights you need and even less, where you should place them. If you’ve done your research, you will know that there are so many beautiful lighting fixtures on the market.

Path lighting not only needs to be practical and functional, but as we’re sure you’ll agree, it needs to be visually pleasing. That’s where Bondilights comes in – here you will find everything you need to know about planning the ideal lighting layout for your path and walkway.

When you’re all set up you will have guests gathering around your garden. The invited kind, that is. Not burglars! They hate it when they’re put in the spotlight.

What defines pathway lighting? 

Pathway lights do what their name suggests: offer illumination to guide you along a garden path or walkway. One of the most practical ways to light up a path is by having a gentle glow downward toward your feet. This provides direction without the distracting glare. Our LED square deck light does the job perfectly.

Angled lights 

Are you going for a contemporary look and feel? If so, why not create a contrast of white light against the dark of night with our LED path light? These tall, angled pathway lights are sleek and offer maximum illumination coverage. Place each path light at alternating sides of your path to give you a sense of balance and visual interest.

Small pathways 

In addition to adding direction at night, pathway lights offer other benefits including:

  • home security
  • protecting path border plants from foot traffic
  • adding curb appeal
  • ambient lighting.

Our slim bollard is perfect for small pathways. It will add a soft glow to your landscape and path while drawing attention to plants on the path’s border.

Evenly spaced lights 

Is your pathway dark, grey stone or concrete? Think about putting our recessed circle light to work if you have a nearby wall. By installing a number of these lights evenly along a wall, you will have enough illumination to cover larger areas or wide walkways.

Combine contemporary with rustic 

Can’t decide between a rustic and modern look? Why not bring them together? There’s no better way to do this than with path lighting. Add some fun to your modern home with path lights that feature more traditional or vintage elements. Lights topped with a canopy can give you this exact vibe when they reflect light down onto adjacent paths and garden beds.

From both sides 

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and put your beautiful plants on display while illuminating your path, create a distinct boundary between your path and landscape using the Piccolo 20.

Spot lighting 

With a directionally focused downlight attached to a pole, such as our LED path light, you can achieve the spot design which provides targeted illumination with little side glare. The farther away from a walkway it is, the larger the area of illumination.

Be unique 

Is your style unique and unlike any other? Why not showcase your uniqueness in your garden lighting? Bring distinct colours like bronze or brass to the table and pair them with wood or stone architecture. Look for path lights with adjustable heights, such as our slim copper bollard, to individualise your path lighting design.

Because they are a brighter light source, you can place bollards at the start or end of your path as focal points and create the direction for walkers. Our bollards have a solid top to prevent the light from shining upwards too.

Make the most of minimalism 

Create a sleek and modern look with path lights designed to give you the minimalist ambiance. LED deck lights softly illuminate up and outwards without the intensity of a spotlight.

Wall lights 

Does your garden lack space for in-ground lights? Maybe you should opt for wall lighting. Our LED cube light will add much needed illumination to your path and any nearby plants you want on display.

If there is a short wall nearby, give its brickwork or concrete texture a glowing review with one of our up and down wall lights.

The power of spotlights 

If you have something of interest, such as a small statue or old tree, along the walkway, you can use our LED garden spike light with its bendable spike to highlight it along with the path.


Downlights are always a popular choice because they provide ample coverage to large areas. They are perfect for when you are walking around at night, and you can never go wrong with a classic design.

Step lights 

Some paths have steps built in. This is where you can show your steps off with an LED deck square light by installing it in the riser, on a wall beside the stairway or beneath the lips of the tread. Quite small in stature they serve a crucial function: preventing missteps.

Making magic 

So, there we have it: with the right touch, path lights bring the most charming features in your garden to life and create a late-night dreamscape.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to landscape lighting. You can either showcase your home’s concrete work or let the lush greenery alongside your path lead the way. It’s all about what you want to do and where you position and angle your path lights.

We have given you a range of options to help you create the kind of path-lighting design that will have your neighbours and your neighbours’ neighbours wanting what you have. And with Bondilights’, where aesthetics, craftsmanship and quality are our bread and butter, you can’t go wrong. Learn more about our lights here.