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Bondilights started over 15 years ago. From the beginning, Bondilights was a pioneer LED landscape lighting specialist for the outdoors, and still leads the way with innovative ‘best of breed’ technology in the most beautifully designed landscape fixtures.

Our primary objective was to design, manufacture and market quality Australian LED lights for the outdoors as an alternative to the traditional halogen garden lights.

We planned to overcome the halogen’s inherent problems such as being expensive to run, corrode in coastal environments, vulnerable to syphoning damage, and the burden of constant replacement of globes.

In 2006 we released the unique plug-and-play system to drive our LED lights. Every part of the light system, from the timer sensor, remote, to the light fitting, was simple to construct with the plug and play functionality. Coupled with these exceptional features we stand apart as one of the leading lighting companies in the world today.

This advanced system, along with our quality made LED lights enable easy installation and the ability to change and create the desired lighting effect quickly. Our customers became brilliant light effect specialists thanks to the ease of the system and quality of the lights.

As a result, everyone who has been introduced to the system has been impressed and amazed with the light effect and how hassle free our Bondilights system is to construct.


Bringing the outdoors to life after dark, using the best in energy efficiency without compromising on style and quality.

Garden lighting is often overlooked when completing a transformation of our outdoor living space, but it really is the finishing touch. A beautifully illuminated outdoor space can extend our love and enjoyment of the outdoors long after sunset. Well considered lighting can add that bit of drama and enchantment to an otherwise dark canvas.

Our passionate lighting specialists at Bondilights have been transforming gardens and outdoor living spaces for over 15 years with energy efficient LED lighting. We have developed our range of LED Lights, using the highest quality materials and timeless finishes to withstand the Australian climate.