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Garden Lighting: Make the Most out of Your Landscape Lighting

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If you are looking to take the design and aesthetic of your home up a notch, landscape lighting is the way to do it. Those who coalesce simple lighting strategies with other design elements of their home, such as paint and feature pieces, are often surprised and pleased with the excellent results that can be achieved. 

If we think of light as paint, your entire environment can have colour added or taken from it to achieve a range of effects via some basic techniques that can be applied to your landscape lighting design.

Landscape lighting design techniques

source: youtube.com

The great thing about lighting is it can apply to spaces of any kind, so whether you are dealing with a large yard or smaller courtyard, at least one of the following landscape lighting techniques will apply to you.


Uplighting is a common technique that you can use to illuminate walls, trees, fountains, and other objects. To achieve this, simply ground-mount a lighting fixture with the light beam pointed upwards. Play around with the look by putting the light in front or behind whatever it is you are illuminating.

Pro tip: Direct the light away from the person that will be viewing the space to prevent glare. This will create a much more stylish ambience!


Landscape lighting can help you replicate the beautiful feel of moonlight in your garden. This is best if you have trees in your yard as you will need to place a lighting fixture on the tree itself. Place the light back behind some branches to synthesise the idea of moonlight shining through them.

Mirror Lighting

Mirror lighting is an excellent technique if you have still bodies of water, like a pond, spa, or pool. Light some plants and trees on one side of the water, and this will create a reflection on the water’s surface of the lit object when viewing it from the other side.

This hologram effect really adds to your environment, doubling up the light and imagery without having to lose any physical space.


If you are after a more natural look, the technique of downlighting in landscape lighting is an easy way to achieve it. Hide your lighting fixtures in trees, and direct them down through the leaves and branches, similar to the moonlight, but specifically pointed at the ground.

If you don’t have any trees, you can attach the fixtures on walls or garden structures, anything with some decent height. You can downlight plant and ground areas along with pathways via taller fixtures that are mounted on the floor.

High Lighting

If you have specific focal points that you wish to light up in your landscape like pergolas, shrubs, or statues, give them a feature light that exists to light them up. Sort of like a light above a painting in a gallery.

The vital thing to remember when designing with light is that the outcome is subjective, and you are free to experiment. Find what works best in your space and always aim to enhance the natural beauty of the area.

Low-voltage landscape lighting

One great way to enhance the aesthetic of your home while also adding a measure of safety is with low-voltage landscape lighting. The use of exterior-grade fixtures placed along walkways or driveways is very popular, but you can also use this design idea to illuminate steps, trees, and other prominent features. 

Low-voltage lighting operates on 12 volts of electricity, so a good set-up can be a range of intermatic fixtures alongside a walkway leading to your entry with two 3.5-watt wall-wash fixtures to illuminate your door.

You can create a beautiful effect in the garden with 2-watt shrub uplights. Low-voltage landscape lighting is a simple way to make a massive difference in the after dusk visual of your home while adding an element of safety and security as well. A typical low-voltage lighting system requires: 

  1. A transformer
  2. A low-voltage electrical cable
  3. Fixtures 

While it can be easy to install this type of system yourself, we recommend engaging an expert who can not only help with installation but also the layout and design to ensure you don’t over-light your area and lose the desired effect. Low-voltage landscape lighting is excellent for outdoor spaces of all sizes and can add an element of style to the nighttime enjoyment of your garden.

Need a little help with landscape lighting?

You may be sitting there thinking that these strategies also require the eye of a light expert to ensure they are executed well. This is only semi-true, but it certainly helps, which is why Bondilights are here! Our team of pioneer lighting specialists can help you with your landscape lighting design, including the selection of products that are best for your situation. 

We like to put a focus on innovative technology, as well as beautifully designed landscape fixtures, tailoring the design and outcome to each client’s needs and wants.

We focus on LED lights, which are less expensive to run and more durable, offering a longer-lasting time frame without having to sacrifice any capabilities. We can make your lighting design easy to manage with the help of timing sensors and remotes, while also ensuring the fittings match the style of your home.

Take advantage of our expertise in this area today, as well as our installation process. We have created the desired lighting effect in the homes of many happy clients, increasing the appeal of their space with simply stunning landscape lighting designs that will beyond impress you and your guests. Let’s get something sorted for you today!

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