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The Benefits of Garden Path Lights in Your Garden Lighting

Bondilights is an outdoor lighting manufacturer and supplier, garden lighting designer and installer

One of the major trends that Bondilights has seen in the garden path lighting industry and garden lighting design requests of consumers is the rise of LED garden path lights. 

LED garden path lights not only work well in all types of gardens, but they also do not require much effort when installing. Path lights offer an aesthetically pleasing ambience to your outdoor space, softly lighting your garden while also providing safety and security to your home. 

Bondilights stock a range of path lights from in-ground lights to surface mounted and recessed lights. There are a number of benefits that garden path lights can offer, which should be taken into account when making the decision of whether or not to add them to your garden lighting design.


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Improved entrance appeal with garden path lights

There is nothing more beautiful than walking through a garden at night while being able to enjoy (and visibly see) the look of the garden, plants, and flowers still clearly visible. If you are a bit of a green thumb, why wouldn’t you want your efforts in the garden on display all of the time?

Path lights for garden lighting can also give a slight illumination to the architecture and the other parts of the house, creating a subtle effect that is stylish, while increasing the appeal of your home’s exterior.

You will get more use out of your garden path lights

Path lights and a proper lighting system in the garden means that you can use the area as a more functional living space during more hours in the day. It’s like adding an extra room to your home.

When the garden is well lit, it can serve as a space to relax in the evening if the weather permits. You can add garden chairs or an outdoor sofa and dim or control the levels of lighting to set a particular mood over a garden dinner or small party.

Highlight your landscaping with garden path lights

A lot of money goes into your landscaping, and you are likely very proud of how it looks. Bring it a little more attention after the sun goes down by highlighting it with some path lights. 

Consider path lights as part of the overall look in your garden during the design phase and install where necessary to emphasise certain elements of your landscape. It is always easier to install lighting and ensure the right amount of lights in the earlier stages as opposed to adding them as an afterthought.

Greater safety with garden path lights

Garden path lights in your back or front yard increase the security of your home. Greater visibility means your family or guests won’t be at higher risk of trips or falls, which can result in bruising or even worse, broken bones.

This is particularly pertinent if you have steps, rock formation, or any other decorative style paths that can be harder to navigate when the sun goes down.

Extra lighting in your yard also acts as more of a deterrent for intruders who will likely feel less comfortable operating in a lit area as opposed to the cover of darkness.

This is particularly helpful if you have security cameras in your yard. Security is something we all want for our homes, and small acts like installing path lights help to increase it. 

Enhance your property value with garden path lights

Along with all of the benefits listed above, path lights increase the appeal of your house. This helps to raise the resale value, adding to your investment for your home.

Beautifying a house can be done with cost-efficient and straightforward actions such as garden path lights.

You can have a little fun with the design of your lights

Bondilights is an outdoor lighting manufacturer and has a range of lights in various materials and designs to help suit whatever aesthetic you are aiming for in your garden. For example, you can choose between materials such as Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Solid Copper in various sizes available and colour tones like Warm White or Cool White.

These lights are suitable for paths, driveways, lawns, steps, and gardens and depending on the style, the height can be customised to suit any requirement.

There is also the wall-mounted versions of path lighting like the Flute garden light, which is attached on a swivel style arm and around fixing plate to your wall. This type of light is perfect for aiming a light at specific subjects.

As with the ground lights, the length of the pivot arm can be customised, and it is suitable for walls, posts, paths, and barbeques. These lights offer narrow beam LEDs, which are perfect for when long reach lighting is required. 

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Looking for the best way to include path lights in your garden?

Garden path light design requires a gentle balance, as you don’t want to go overboard and turn your garden into a small stadium, but you also want enough lighting to create the desired effect.

Bondilights are a pioneer LED lighting specialist who can not only offer assistance with the type of lights that are right for you but also can help with your path lighting design. We specialise in innovative technology, well-designed landscape fixtures, and outcomes that are uniquely tailored to each garden.

We started as an alternative to halogen lights by showing people the significant advantages of LED lights, which are less expensive to run and far more durable.

A huge benefit here is the long-lasting nature of LED lights and their ease of use, installation, and replacement. In some ways, you want a near set-and-forget system with your garden path lights, and LED can offer that.

Take advantage of our expertise today and speak to Bondilights about our quality LED lights. We can offer an easy installation process and a lighting effect that will impress your guests and put a smile on your face every time the sun goes down. Contact Bondilights today!