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Bollard Lights: How to Get The Most For Your Garden Lighting

Bollard Lights - Bondilights

In both classic and contemporary homes, bollard lights are becoming more and more popular when it comes to ways to brighten your landscape, in particular, LED bollards for garden lighting.

With a range of flexible options that provide both visibility and style, these easy to install lights, which, as the name suggests, are simply lights on a bollard, can form a boundary while also illuminating walkways and landscaping areas.

Bollards provide a fantastic aesthetic and an effective barrier while brightening your outdoor areas. Use them as markers to guide your guests at home or the public in commercial spaces. 

The diverse world of bollard lights

More industrial bollards are often found in small car parks, parks, or gardens, and the smaller, home-based LED versions in a slim copper, or stainless steel are now becoming more common for use in the home.

Bollards provide a great look along with an amazing function best utilised for:

  • Brightening pathways
  • Illuminating driveways
  • Enlightening natural areas
  • Bordering garden beds
  • Accenting feature walls
  • And more

There is no better way to show off the landscaping around your home with some well-laid-out light distribution with some low height bollards. 

The best bollard light design tips

Bollards are most effective when typically spaced between 2.5 – 4m apart. This is not a solid rule and is application specific depending on the requirements of the space or project. 

Bollard light fixtures can come in a range of shapes and sizes, most notably round or square, with a flat or dome top. The varying models will have different reflectors inside, which contribute to a different light aesthetic for each model.

You can use the reflectors to restrict some bollard lights intensity and direction however this is more for larger commercial use. You are also able to choose an exterior design that is complementary to your architecture, making bollards part of the visual design and more than just functional light.

It is also recommended that you avoid the use of straight lines when setting up your bollard lights. Stagger the lights in more of a zig-zag pattern for an interesting and unique look, and if using them to light a driveway, keep them far enough away from the edge so that your car door has enough room to open.

Controlling bollard light distribution 

How precise the optics for your bollard lights are, and where they distribute the light will affect how your lighting will look. By situating your bollards too close together, things may be too bright while also appearing cluttered. If you space your bollards too far apart, you may lose your intended guidance.

You may also wish to consider where you want your bollard lights to guide the eye. Bollard light levels are never considered to be so significant that they add vast quantities of light to a space. 

Things to consider when selecting bollard lights

There are some key things to keep in mind when creating your bollard light design layout to ensure you do not install too many or too few:

  • Consider the appropriate light output for your desired area
  • Consider the optics for specific applications, aim for low glare and visual comfort 
  • In commercial situations, are you integrating your bollards into a building control system? A product with a control management system may be required

Bollard lighting types:

  • The Louver

A light that points towards the ground with a hidden bulb which is best suited to paths or natural areas

  • The Standard Cone Reflector

A 360-degree span that lights everything around the source

  • The Specialised Cone Reflector

Popular in LED bollard lights due to the reflection of light down and out, which minimises glare and light pollution

  • Type V Glass Reflectors

An intense, 360-degree lighting effect, good for those with fewer bollard lights in the space 


Bollard Lights - Bondilights

Bollard lights for the residential garden lighting

Bondilights garden lighting LED bollard lights are available in both a 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Solid Copper look to match the visual aesthetics of your outdoor areas. Available in three different sizes, the lights offer two different colour options, a warm or cool white, which are suitable for paths, driveways, lawns, steps, and gardens. All bollard lights can also be customised to suit whichever height requirements you desire.

Interested in bollard lights for your property?

Bondilights are pioneers in all forms of LED Bollard lights and as specialists, can help you with your LED bollard lighting supply and design. We can make product recommendations, letting you know which models are the best for your situation, along with the correct layout and required number of units.

We understand the garden lighting requirements to achieve beautifully designed landscape fixtures and always work towards the best outcomes, tailored to the needs of each client.

We focus on the design and manufacture of LED Bollard lights, quite simply because we are huge fans of them. We know that LED lights are less expensive to run, while also being far more durable, so all of this leads to a long-lasting nature that makes them an excellent choice for every situation.

Their technological capabilities, such as timing sensors, remote controls, and range of fittings, making them a versatile option across the board. 

Speak to Bondilights today about your bollard lighting design and requirements and take advantage of our expertise. We stock the highest quality of LED bollard lights, all of which offer an easy installation process, and the ability to provide a lighting effect for your home and business that will impress your guests.

Speak to our knowledgeable team about what works best for your home, and let our hassle-free system create your ideal lighting system efficiently and for a great price.