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Outdoor step lighting ideas to amaze you

Something as simple as walking around your garden in the dark can be dangerous. But walking up and down stairways in the dark is an accident waiting to happen. While you might come up with some beautiful illumination for your favourite tree, patio or water feature, if you have not considered lighting for your outdoor steps and stairs, your lighting plan could fall flat. And so could you. So, think seriously about adding light to your front porch steps, patio steps or balcony’s descending staircase.

Outdoor lighting does not have to be all about safety and preventing hazards. Done right, it can add beauty and depth to your outdoor spaces. Bringing that extra hint of aesthetic enjoyment, light does not just pave the way to our destination; it creates a breath-taking entrance.

While you might question whether you will need to renovate your stairs or steps to incorporate lighting into your design, the truth is that you can be creative with your existing stairs. Using downlights, bollards and deck lights, Bondilights applies many approaches when it comes to stair lighting.

How do you choose a garden lighting technique suitable for your stairs? It depends on how you want to use the space and the effect you want to create. Let’s explore the best ways to light up your outdoor steps.

Path lighting 

If your path is close to your steps or staircase, you could use path lights such as our LED pivot path light to light up your steps. By installing the lights along the sides of the path you will also cast light on the steps.

You could even install the same path lights around the steps to define and highlight the space at night.

Rail lighting 

Do you have post rails on your staircase? If so, consider mounting fixtures onto the railings or posts. This is an effective way of lighting the steps beneath them. The installation and wiring can be very technical, in which case it would be a good idea to consult one of the Bondilights’ technicians, who knows exactly what they are doing. Attempting this yourself could result in uninvited issues down the road.

Deck step lighting 

The deck is an ideal place for entertaining once darkness hits – so long as it is lit safely.

Tread or deck lights such as our LED deck circle light will fit right into the vertical space of your deck steps and focus light downward onto each step. This light is subtle enough not to blind you or your visitors and delivers enough soft illumination for you to find our way up or down the steps.

Porch step lighting 

Combine uplighting with downlighting to keep your front entrance stairs safe.

Use uplights, such as our sleek LED cube wall light up and down, mounted on the staircase wall at the front entrance to ensure no one trips on the stairs at night. Even consider entryway lighting near the front door to lighten up the porch and cast an even glow across the width of the steps.

Landscape ligstep hting 

Garden paths are not always level and straight. Sometimes they have steps that go from one section to another. Do not forget to illuminate them or your evening stroll could end in a trip to Emergency.

Moonlighting is a perfect way to light the steps in the middle of a pathway. Place a light fixture in a tree and angle it downwards. What you’ll see is the effect of moonlight shining down through leaves and branches. It creates natural, pretty shadows on the ground.

Combine this effect with path lighting by placing fixtures like our LED path light along the sides of the path to illuminate the steps. Or install them in surrounding garden beds to create a surreal glow while lighting up the steps.

If you have a sprawling garden, consider installing light bollards such as our LED slim bollard along the path to deliver an aesthetically delightful glow throughout the garden.


As we discussed earlier, downlighting creates a soft moon-like effect. Mounting lighting fixtures in a tree, you can direct the light onto your staircase, providing not only effective lighting but a serene atmosphere. You will need to place the fixtures at least nine metres from the ground.

Tread step lighting 

Tread lighting, also known as recessed lighting, fits into the vertical face of the steps, called the riser, so that light casts down on the step below. Delivering a soft glow, the fixture gives you a natural feel and is barely noticeable so that you will see the step and not the light.

Wall-mounted step lighting 

By mounting wall lights, such as the LED 35 degree square wall light, you can aim it downwards so that light spills across the stairs without blinding anyone who passes through.

Embedded lighting 

Subtle embedded lights are a perfect idea for those who have patios that brush up against the lawn or garden. Install small lights like the Piccolo 20 in the vertical face of the top step and watch it illuminate the lower ground.

LED strip lighting 

LED strip lighting has huge potential for lighting up deck steps. Bondilights has a range of different LED strip lights that you can tuck discreetly beneath step treads or deck railings. You will see the light but not the source. By placing  the step lighting, you will see the light spill down the steps and glow from within.

Final thoughts 

The outdoor lighting professionals at Bondilights combine their knowledge and experience with high-quality lighting fixtures to safely illuminate your property’s stairs and steps.

We use the best Australian-made energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting fixtures and customise lighting to give your home and garden a warm ambience while maintaining the safety of your family and friends.

Contact us today to make your stairway both safe and beautiful.