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LED Deck Lights: Cheer Up Your Deck This Winter

With summer hitting the tail-end and nights drawing in, we are turning our attention to deck lights. Whether you are grilling on the BBQ, socialising, star gazing or just meandering around your backyard, well-designed deck lighting is essential for both style and safety.

You will be able to enjoy your outdoor patio even in the darker, cooler months with a little landscape lighting designed by an expert garden lighting specialist. 

In the past, you might have relied on the good old string party lights to brighten your deck, but while they are okay from a safety outlook, they aren’t really aesthetically pleasing and can often make you feel like you are stuck at a party or Christmas on repeat.

But thanks to outdoor LED deck lights you can enhance every area of your patio, including the corners and edges which would otherwise remain hidden at sundown. 

And as LED lighting can transform your garden into the main attraction, LED deck lights can do the same for your backyard. You want the area where you entertain family and friends, grill at the BBQ or just take in the night-time ambience to be not only a main focal point but safe too. 

And there is no reason why you need a king-size, multi-level deck to take advantage of LED deck lighting. Designed correctly, even a small deck can be converted into a masterpiece. 

LED Deck Lights

Around the BBQ area

Think about all the ways you can use your deck. This means having different LED lighting solutions for different spaces. Most decks of today include a built-in BBQ, grill area and sink. You will want brighter lighting here so that you have no issue dishing up those perfect steaks.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the type of deck light that emits just enough light so you can check you don’t burn the veggies or undercook the sausages. Bondilights’ LED deck light square comes in copper and stainless steel and four different sizes depending on how much illumination you are after. 

Essentially, the more LEDs the greater the light. So, you might want to opt for the highest number of LEDs in the lights surrounding your BBQ.

And if these don’t produce enough light for you, Bondilights has the top-notch LED pivot light, again in stainless steel or copper and three different sizes.

Equipped with an impressive swivel arm this LED Deck lights can be mounted to a wall and is perfect for aiming at specific objects. So, now you have no excuses for burning your guests dinner.

Around the stairs 

Does your deck have stairs or stair risers? You want to make sure these are well lit for safety. People can often overlook staircase lights, thinking of them more as a functional design and not something that requires attention.

When considering stair lights, make sure they do not shine up towards the eye. They should cast downward, illuminating the way for you.

This is where Bondilights has figured it all out. Mounted up high, the LED 35Recessed Circle Wall Light illuminates stairs and pathways beautifully. If your stairs are wide you will want to install at least two lights for each tread. 

Don’t have a wall to mount stair lights onto? Don’t worry. There is always Bondilights’ LED strip lighting which you can install under the lip of each step or below the handrails.

Both scenarios give you subtle, continuous illumination and a stunning finish. Just remember to consider all options for different areas. You don’t want lights shining in your guests’ eyes when they are seated. In fact, it might be worth planning your seating before placing your light fixtures.

Around the pool 

Accenting unique plants, ornaments and water features are all reasons to take advantage of deck lighting. You might have a deck installed around your pool. In this case, you will most certainly want LED deck lighting for night-time entertainment.

Whether you are swimming at night, or the kids are diving, no-one wants to hit their head on the concrete edge. Plus, you don’t want any guests who go for a wander around your backyard at night to fall head-first into the pool. 

Light up that focal point 

Touching on those unique features, consider throwing light on the pond or fountain to bring attention to them. Adding lights just beyond the deck brings depth to the whole backyard. You don’t want your deck to be so illuminated that your surroundings are pitch black.

Consider installing LED lights near the trees and plants. They produce captivating shadows at night when correctly lit up. You want your guests to be able to look around and smile in awe at the stunning background. 

Plan around scenery 

Does your deck look out onto the sea, lush green hills or some other scenic view? If so, you will need to consider the height of your chosen deck lights. You don’t want to be looking out to a beautiful sunset with a pole obstructing your view or light shining in your eyes. 

Keep it low key 

When choosing LED lights for your deck make a point of keeping it low key. You don’t want you or your guests to feel like you are at a nightclub with strobe lights beaming out of the ground. You want to achieve a warm ambience and see who you are talking to. 

Bondilights – best lighting design specialists 

To get the very best LED lighting products to consult Bondilights. Made from only high-quality materials, Bondilights waterproof LED deck lights will give you years of enjoyment. Our array of products will accommodate any deck design and lighting project.

Whether it is to light up your BBQ area or create lighting for your focal points, our experts can help you create the perfect night-time showpiece. And while our LED deck lights will withstand the elements, we provide optimum warranties. 

For carefree, enjoyable nights, your deck deserves flexible and exceptional lighting, so check out Bondilights today, pioneers in LED deck lights Australia!