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The best tree lighting ideas for your garden

Your beautiful garden and landscaping might look spectacular during the day, but do you let all that beauty disappear into the dark once the sun goes down? Why not transform your gardens after dark and add magic to them with tree lighting ideas?

Not only does a well-designed lighting scheme encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors but it is integral to preventing accidents and securing your property. Go that step further and uplight your trees to create amazing focal points and add height, making your space feel larger. Plus, the contrast of light and shadow filtering through foliage and trunks adds a certain depth and tranquillity to your gardens.

We are going to shed some light on the range of common trees you can highlight with Bondilights’ high-quality light fittings. Whether you have large mature trees or newly planted specimens, trees create a strong visual influence on your landscape.

From the shape and colour of leaves to the size and texture of the trunks, trees can be a focal point of your garden design or a subtle addition to the overall image. Enjoy your beautiful trees as much at night as you do during the day. Now, let’s take a look at the numerous trees you might find in your garden or backyard.

Palm trees

Palm trees are a natural focal point for any garden. Their height, textured trunks and huge leaves are put on show when you light them up with Bondilights’ LED garden spike light, which offers enough flexibility so you can position it to the height required. In-ground lights, such as the LED deck circle light, offer greater security if you are uplighting a tree in the front garden. These lights will carry the natural beauty of the palm tree from daylight through to night-time.

Gum trees

With its twisted and rugged beauty, the Australian gum tree is stunning when lit up. And what makes it better is that no two gum trees are the same. You wouldn’t be thought of as crazy for thinking that every gum tree has its own personality. So, when you light a gum tree up, it truly comes to life. Our LED bollard will give your gum tree its own show. Bear in mind that if your gum tree is 20+ metres you may need more than one light to produce an impressive visual impact.

Silver birch trees

Common for their beautiful white spotted trunks and dainty foliage, the silver birch tree is great at reflecting light. The LED slim bollard is perfect as it will not overlight this tree’s fine features. More often than not, silver birch trees are underplanted with agapanthus or low shrubs, which you can showcase using our LED square deck light or even an LED path light.


Bamboo delivers a great textural feature in landscaped gardens and is often integrated with a more tranquil structured space. So, soft lighting is key when emphasising these stunning plants. The LED garden spike light is perfect for creating the ideal ambience.

Soft lighting balances out lighting installed in other areas of your garden so that you are not focussing on the one lit up location. However, if you choose to focus on your bamboo, consider having other areas dark. That way, even soft lighting will capture the bamboo’s intensity.

Dragon trees

Highly architectural in design, dragon trees offer striking centrepieces in your landscape. Normally popular in minimalist styled gardens, they are just begging to be lit up at night. Our high-powered LED spike light will give any dragon tree instant impact. And if lit next to a wall, the dragon tree will create such drama and texture you won’t be able to look away.


Highly popular in many gardens as a hedging plant, the pittosporum is ideal if you want your lighting to penetrate easily through its leaves. Our LED spike light is great for creating a gentle wash over the plant, because while it is subtle it delivers a powerful punch. It is important to leave approximately a 100-150mm gap between the edge of the plant and spike light so that it can spread over the majority of the plant.

Native grasses

Australian native grasses have fine strands that diffuse and glow when lit up at night to create something quite different in your landscaped garden. As there are so many different varieties of native grasses, there are different lights that can express their various characteristics. Our LED path light is probably one of the most successful. Native grasses are normally used as a border plant along pathways, so the LED path light highlights not only the grasses but the path too.

Now that we have focussed on the trees and plants most commonly found in Australian gardens, let’s take a look at the type of lighting techniques you can use to achieve your desired effect.


When uplighting, light fixtures are placed very close to the base of the tree and are positioned upward. This technique is perfect for trees that have unusual bark features and shapes. It also works if your tree is small and thin, to make it appear more impressive. One or two lights placed at the base normally does the trick.


As its name suggests, this approach provides subtle lighting and as you can imagine, creates a moonlight effect filtering through the trees. Lights are placed so that they glow through the tree and are ideal for trees that have less leaves. The outcome is an intriguing pattern of shadows and patterns from the tree’s branches and leaves.


When you place lights between a structure such as a wall and the tree, you create a striking silhouette of the trees against the wall. It is perfect for palms and trees that have unique structures.


Placing the light fixture in front of your tree and shining it against a wall you can achieve an interesting shadow effect. By positioning your lights at ground level focussed upward, you can make small trees and shrubs cast-off larger shadows. Trees with open foliage are ideal for this effect.


For large trees with thick foliage, you can place spotlights some distance from the tree and direct them towards the tree’s leaves to emphasise the tree’s size.

Final thoughts

When deciding on your tree lighting scheme bear in mind how your landscape might change with the seasons. Some trees might lose leaves. Also, take into consideration where your trees will be viewed from. For example, do you want your trees to be seen by passers-by? And if you are lighting trees in a backyard patio area you will most likely want a dramatic but subtle effect for entertaining guests.

Bondilights can assist you with any questions you may have when it comes to lighting up your gardens. With Bondilights you can be sure our products are the most advanced technology, will stand up to the elements and provide you with years of performance and reliability.

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