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The Ultimate Path Lighting Ideas For 2021

Illuminating the main path in your garden should be your number one lighting priority. There are at least three important reasons why you should consider lights for your pathway. Your safety is the most important reason as is your family’s and guests’ safety.

The last thing you want is a family member or guest tripping over an object not visible to them. Secondly, by adding light to your path you boost the level of security around your home. A well-lit garden will deter thieves from looming around your home.

By eliminating dark corners in your garden, you will prevent those unwanted guests from lurking in the shadows. And finally, there is an appealing reason for spicing things up with an outdoor path lights installation. 

Why Prioritise Path Lighting?

While illuminating your path is a top priority, you can install lights in all areas of your garden to create a magical climate for guests before they reach your front door.

Now that you have decided you want to brighten up your path, you might have no idea what sort of lights you need and where you should place them. And if you have done your research, you will know there are so many beautifully created lighting fixtures on the market.

But selecting the right lights is crucial. Path lighting not only needs to be practical and functional, but it must also be pleasing to the eye.

You might want contemporary path lighting or lights that brighten your garden from the driveway. Or something entirely different to reflect your uniqueness. So, without further ado, let’s explore the broad spectrum of lighting techniques available to you.

Evenly spaced path lights

Is your pathway dark, grey stone or concrete? If so, consider using white path lights that will stand out against the dark of night. Pay attention to the light spacing. Lights should be placed evenly on both sides of the pathway to ensure the walkway is well-lit.

Bondilights’ LED 35◦ wall light is perfect for this scenario. Path lights that cast illumination at an angle cover larger areas and suit wide pathways.

Angled path lights

Are you going with a contemporary theme? If so, choose path lights that are geometric in structure (clean lines and hard angles). Tall, angled walkway lights are sleek in design and offer optimum illumination coverage. Bondilights’ LED path light achieves this in every way possible.

Combine modern with rustic

Can’t decide between a modern and rustic appeal? Why not bring them together? And what better a way to do this than with path lighting. Path lighting sets the right mood for guests entering your modern home.

Add some rustic appeal to your modern house with path lights that feature the more traditional elements. Small path lights offer a vintage vibe yet blend in nicely with this year’s style.

Create the mood

Different path lights create different path lighting. If your pathway is small consider adding a soft, warm glow with short bollard lights that focus the light downwards. Our slim bollard will highlight your landscape and path while drawing attention to those pathway flowers you have always wanted to flaunt.

From both sides

You can use path lighting not only to showcase your beautiful front garden, but to create a distinct boundary between your path and landscaping. Illuminate your pathway and emphasise your garden at the same time. Our Piccolo 40 is the way to go if you want to light up your pathway as well as the landscaping.

Light candles for your path

There is nothing more captivating than a candlelit lantern. Add some of that traditional appeal to your path with a candlelight lantern and take advantage of the intimate atmosphere.

Candlelit lanterns are particularly eye-opening when they are positioned against stone or brick architecture.

Make use of space

Not only are path lights perfect for lighting up outdoor dining areas and paths, but they blend in easily with shrubbery and landscaping. Keep an eye out for pathway lights with a 360◦ coverage area to deliver ambient lighting for your outdoor areas.


Downlights have always been a popular option because they provide ample coverage to all areas. They are particularly important when you are walking around at night. You cannot go wrong with a classic.

Consider downlights as they will suit any exterior landscaping. Just remember to stagger lights on each side of the path to illuminate the path evenly.

Be unique

Do you have a particular style unique to you? Why not flaunt it in your garden lighting? Distinct colours, brass or bronze, reflect well with wood or stone architecture. Or look for path lights with adjustable heights, such as Bondilights’ slim copper bollard, to individualise your path lighting experience.

Make the most of minimalism

Bring a sleek and contemporary look to your garden with path lights designed to give the minimalist ambience. Create geometric silhouettes and clean lines by staggering lights on both sides of the path.

Wall lights

Does your garden lack the space for in-ground lights? Why not opt for wall lights? That way you will add much-needed illumination to your path. Our LED cube light will achieve this look perfectly.     

The power of spotlights

As well as lighting up your path you might want to highlight certain features along the pathway such as an old tree or textured wall. The LED garden spike light does the trick with its bendable spikes which allow you to find the best angle of light.

The right balance

Visual balance is very important when designing your outdoor lighting. Add visual symmetry to your doorway by opting for both path lights and wall lights that complement each other. You can do this by matching metal frame colours and geometric styles.

Final words

So, there we have it: From downlights to spotlights, you have a large variety of options as far as path lighting goes. Learn more about illuminating your outdoor space and contact Bondilights today.

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