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Garden Lighting: 10 Outdoor Lighting Company Design Ideas

Garden Lights - Bondilights

When it comes to designing your outdoor space, it can be easy to forget about nighttime use. You shouldn’t, however, because entertaining or even just relaxing outdoors in the evening is great!

To ensure you do this right, you need to conceptualise your garden lighting design, illuminating the space for safe navigation while also creating a stunning aesthetic that suits the feel of your home.

Bondilights, a garden lighting specialist is the premier outdoor lighting company who offer all Australian-made products, and have helped many homeowners create the perfect outdoor space. To help with your inspiration, let’s look at the top ten outdoor lighting design ideas to see which will work best for you.

Pathway lighting

If your area includes a pathway, make sure it is well-lit. This not only guides you and your guests safely but including a lower light on the ground creates a magical effect.

Edge-lighting along the borders of flower beds offer a similar idea. If you really want to take things up a notch, we recommend ground lights embedded into the walkway for a clean, premium look.

Step lighting

Just like your pathways,  steps require illumination for safe navigation. Under tread lighting will do this while providing a warm glow on each landing. If your stairs are connected to a brick wall, you can embed your lighting into the brickwork, which helps create a magnificent ambience. 

Cut down the electricity bill by fitting motion sensors to your step lighting, which activates the lights only when someone is walking up or down the stairs!

Pool lighting

Those with a pool can emphasise it at night while also ensuring the area is kept safe! Light the walkways and steps around the pool with recessed or ground lights to create a lovely ambience.

Underwater lighting will also add to the atmosphere, and you can alter the colours for various effects. It’s always great to relax near some water, so your lighting can highlight this even in the evenings.

Hardscape lighting

Stone walls, planter beds, water features, and other hardscape features of your garden work well with low profile lighting. With well-positioned accent lights, you can highlight a feature for a stunning effect.

We recommend low voltage in-ground lights, uplights or downlights to enhance textures.

Garden feature lighting 

Show off your greenery with adjustable spotlights! Uplight tall trees or use small lights placed within bushes to give a showcase effect to your garden.

We also love the look of edge-lighting to border the lawn with accent lights on large garden structures to help create some shadow and intrigue.

Courtyard lighting

A starry night outside is always well-complemented by ambient light. Lanterns and uplights on exterior walls manage this effect beautifully. Be sure to select waterproof lights for safety when doing this.

Luminescent planters

These lights act as both a planter and a light. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can add an illuminated plant pot with a translucent body to offer a unique addition to your garden visuals.

Deck lighting

Many homeowners are proud of their decks and enjoy spending time on them for entertaining. Decks need to be illuminated for safety, and the lighting scheme can easily incorporate features of the deck.

For example, use the steps, rails and more to install various lighting options or opt for in-ground LED lights around the perimeter of the deck to increase the brightness in the outdoor space. 

A well-lit, visually striking deck space is something to behold indeed!

Smart Technology

No 2020 list would be complete without a nod to the smart technology options available in the market. Smart landscaping lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use and cost-saving potential. 

Adding smart tech to your outdoor lighting provides the ability to control the lighting from anywhere, specify particular lighting zones, dim or turn off different sections and even create moods that are interconnected with other smart devices. Want to activate the party lighting and playlist? No problems.

This can also be a great way to add a level of security to your yard for the times when you are not home. We recommend speaking to the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS for any smart home enquiries or for further information.

LED Bulbs

As the LED lighting specialists, we look to incorporate LED in all of the design points above. LED lights are the best option for all your lighting needs as they are less expensive to run due to the fact that they consume less energy.

They are also more aesthetically pleasing while offering ease of maintenance that makes them a virtual no-brainer. By making the choice to start with LEDs, you save more over the long run of your lighting.

Find the best design for your space today

Bondilights are a pioneer LED garden lighting specialist and one of the finest outdoor lighting company options available. Our expert team can help you with outdoor lighting design by tailoring a plan for your situation. By combining innovative technology with beautifully designed lighting options, you’ll love to entertain well into the night in your perfectly lit outdoor area.

We specialise in LED lights as they are less expensive to run and far more durable than their halogen counterparts. They are easily compatible with lighting systems, timing sensors, and remote control to provide a robust, lasting option for your lighting needs.

Trust the experts at Bondilights who offer all Australian-made products to guide you as to which options will best suit your needs. We love making sure your outdoor lighting is a level above.

Speak to us about a tailored design for your outdoor area; we handle the installation process and everything else required to ensure you have a stunning lighting effect for your home. We provide highly-experienced staff, a hassle-free system, and complete satisfaction every time.

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